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Walker Weatherfoot


Windy Weatherfoot is an animated series that follows an adventurous girl named Windy Weatherfoot and her twin brother, Walker. As the children of Mother Nature, they live in the quaint town of Sunpike in a magical house with countless portals to different environments around the world. Windy, Walker, and their animal friends embark on journeys that take them around the world to do good deeds for nature and be good-natured along the way. After all, there's no adventure too big and no good deed too small, as long as they are home for supper!

Windy looking at a flower


Windy is the daughter of Mother Nature. She is learning and developing her newly inherited powers of nature when she realizes that she can control all things nature. She’s quick to make friends by talking to animals and connecting to her surrounding environment as she and her twin brother, Walker, go on adventures that take them around the world.  Decked out in her trusty All-Weather-Jacket, there’s no adventure too big.


Walker is the other half of the twin power duo although seven seconds younger. Like his sister, he can talk to animals but Walker’s power inheritance comes in the ability to control all of the weather elements. Walker often finds himself on the fine line of stirring up a storm or saving the day. Also equipped with an All-Weather-Jacket, he’s always got his eye on the clock to make sure they’re home in time for supper.

Walker surfing in the air
Carrot looking at a thorn bush


Carrot is a young, brash pony that insists she’s a unicorn because she wears a carrot on her head. Confident, possessing a wild imagination, and arguably the best teammate of all time because of her willingness to do whatever, Carrot’s blind optimism can also be her downfall because she tends to jump in before hearing the entire story. Her Ready, Fire, Aim approach can get her and the others into hot water.


Chip is the Chocolate “CHIP”-popatomus. He is the life of the party because of his ability to make chocolate chips pop out of his ears (when he laughs). He laughs a lot so there are chocolate chips everywhere. Don’t let his jolly nature fool you. He’s all muscle, and with all that strength (and chocolate!) comes a little bit of clumsiness. Chip has a tendency to fall down a lot.

Chip smiling
Chit Chat saying hello


Chit Chat is a busybody, know-it-all hummingbird. She’s very knowledgeable and has her nose in everyone’s business, but you have to figure out what is true and what is something she has exaggerated. She is the definition of “a little birdy told me” as she loves to talk and spread the word. Because she’s fast as lightning, she can get the job done quickly.


Lief is a huge tree that grows through the center of the house. His roots are great and widespread. Because of this, he can sense where there is a problem that needs to be solved. He’s also very much the family tree. He has all the family records and acts as the historian. His branches and leaves form his face so he can speak to anyone, anywhere in the house (or backyard).  

Lief in the kitchen
Good-Eye-Deer in the forest


Good-Eye-Deer is an incredibly clever deer with impeccable timing. He has a floating lightbulb over his head and one eye that is magnificently larger than the other. He darts into various scenes and makes brilliant suggestions when Windy, Walker and their friends find themselves in a predicament. And just as quickly darts away.

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